GameDevHQ — Learn Unity Fast with this Authorized and Certified Training Course by Jonathan Weinberger

It’s day 4 for me, but I can already tell that Jonathan has a winner here. I’m learning Unity with his 2D Game Development course and can already recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Unity.

There is simply no better way to learn how to make games with Unity than to go through a video series designed to give you direct, hands-on experience making a game for yourself.

The first project is Space Shooter. Although I’m only half way in at the moment, I’m having a blast. I’ll be adding on to this article after I finish the course with a full review.

To find out more, go to:



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Troy Lyndon

I've been making games for more than 30 years, and in recent years, I've gotten behind in-terms of learning the latest and best available tools. But no more!